First Nations

Financial Reporting

Over 200 First Nations organizations currently use Adagio. First Nations organizations run many different programs in health, education, heritage, social services, housing and more. With Adagio Ledger's superb Financial Reporter, the financial officer can produce exactly the reports needed to manage these programs effectively. In addition, Adagio GridView can put a read-only reporting tool on any desk where someone needs access to the accounting data in real time.

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One Accounting Solution for All

Of course, Adagio Accounting can be an excellent solution for many of the businesses run by First Nations. Adagio can work effectively for everything from sawmills to day-care centres. Many First Nations organizations run specialized programs developed for their needs. Often, these programs will export data to the accounting system. Adagio's importing features are flexible and easily set up to handle many file formats.


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