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How To Order
Buying Adagio Products
You can purchase the full line of Adagio products only through Adagio Consultant Resellers. If you don't have a dealer who sells Adagio, we would be happy to connect you with one.
  • To contact a reseller directly, go to the Adagio Consultant Reseller directory. If there are no resellers in your area, please look for one in the directory who offers remote sales and support.
  • To request a reseller to contact you, call Softrak's Customer Service Team at 1-800-663-9798 or fill out this form.
Buying Adagio FX
Adagio FX can be purchased directly through Softrak, either online (order Adagio FX) or by phone (1-800-663-9798); or through an Adagio Consultant Reseller.
Buying Blank Checks
End users should contact your Adagio Consultant Reseller for a quote or to place your order. If you do not have a dealer, select one in your area (Canadian Dealers, US Dealers) or contact Softrak's Customer Service team at 1-800-663-9798. Canadian dealers who are not Adagio Consultant Resellers should email with your contact information, including your firm's web site, and the quantity and urgency of your quote/order or call 1-800-663-9798. Dealers outside of Canada should visit