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We Shared the Knowledge at AOC 2017

Softrak’s annual Adagio Opportunity Conference brought together a record number of Adagio community members to Toronto May 22-25, 2017. In keeping with AOC 2017’s theme “Share the Knowledge”, Softrak personnel from Customer Service, Marketing, QA, Documentation, R&D, Training and the executive suite helped our resellers and clients improve their Adagio skills over the course of the 4 day event.

“Automatically” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Correctly”

For an owner of a small business, an entry-level accounting product like Quickbooks can minimize the hours needed for bookkeeping. The business owner can set up direct feeds from bank accounts and credit cards. The accounting program can “auto-magically” apply transactions to GL accounts, and can save hours and dollars.

The Forecast Calls For Cloud

Creating an Extraordinary Sales Experience

Dwayne WakefieldLast month, prior to my upcoming road trip, I had to admit defeat and realize the obvious – my waist size was not going to shrink enough in time for me to fit into my "skinny pant" wardrobe for the fall tour. That left me with one pair of already well travelled pants that were definitely not going to survive another 25 flights, hotels, and presentations. It was time to buy a new pair of pants!

Cost-Justifying the Paperless Office

Is the paperless office a myth or inevitability? The postal service will tell you that there has been an enormous decline in the number of printed invoices and cheques circulating through the mail system. Distribution of electronic invoices and payments has moved into the mainstream. There is no question that it’s more efficient, convenient and less costly. It is interesting to note that although an accounting office may receive an invoice in PDF format, it is not unusual for the AP clerk to print off a copy of the invoice to get a signature in writing for payment authorization.