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Adagio wins CPA Practice Advisor 2014 Reader's Choice Award

Adagio Accounting is for growing businesses and agencies that are impacted by the limitations of their entry-level accounting software. Learn More >>

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Adagio is Designed for Accountants

  • Fast, accurate data entry
  • Full departmental accounting and roll-up
  • Flexible inventory management and accurate costing
  • Powerful financial reporting
  • Automated report distribution
  • Best-in-class audit controls and compliance
  • Specialized industry solutions
  • International network of resellers


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Dwayne WakefieldLast month, prior to my upcoming road trip, I had to admit defeat and realize the obvious – my waist size was not going to shrink enough in time for me to fit into my "skinny pant" wardrobe for the fall tour. That left me with one pair of already well travelled pants that were definitely not going to survive another 25 flights, hotels, and presentations. It was time to buy a new pair of pants!